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Construct a global leading crypto assets value growth platform based on the massive Hash Rate.
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Fala Earn
Crypto Assets Management

Fala Earn provides users with diversified investment portfolios to achieve efficient value growth of users' crypto assets based on professional market analysis.

Fala Pool
Mining Pool

Fala Pool provides users with secure Hash Rate investment services to achieve steady value growth of users' crypto assets based on 5% of the global Filecoin Hash Rate.

Fala Eco
Ecological Services

Through the development of the Wallet, NFT Marketplace, and other ecological infrastructure, Fala Eco provides users with perfect and convenient one-stop Fala ecological services.

Fala Labs
Web3 Investment

Fala Labs cares about the future of the Web3 industry and establishes a Web3 Fund with well-known VCs, Institutions, and Projects to support the development of promising Web3 projects.

FIL Stake

Providing users with stable Stake to Earn services based on the 5% global Filecoin Hash Rate.

FalaBlock has supported the Filecoin network for a long time. As an early supporter, Filecoin earned the DC quotas from Filecoin Official to generate high revenue for users.

Filexable - 1% APR
540 Days - 16% APR

ETH Stake

Lower the ETH nodes' barriers to empower regular users to earn revenue from ETH Node Staking.

Experienced technical team provides efficient ETH Nodes access services.

Filexable - 0.5% APR
180 Days - 3% APR
360 Days - 4.2% APR


Providing stable customized USDT/USDC management services according to customer entrustment to earn revenue.

Professional wealth managing team providing stable USDT/USDC-related services for users.

Filexable - 0.8% APR
180 Days - 4% APR
360 Days - 8.5% APR

Project Highlights

Massive Crypto Hash Rate

As one of the largest Filecoin Hash Rate nodes, FalaBlock owns 5% of the Filecoin Hash Rate globally, also, the Hash Rate of ETH nodes. FalaBlock team will rely on the massive Hash Rate to customize Hash Rate investment services to provide users with stable configurations of investment revenue.

Reliable Assets Protection

FalaBlock takes the safety of users' assets as a priority and promises to guarantee the safety of users' assets. FalaBlock team provides users with various security schemes based on a $100M Fund.

Leading Assets Custody

FalaBlock's industry-leading assets custody technology ensures the safety of user assets. On-chain assets are properly stored in a combination of hot and cold wallets. Off-chain data related to user assets are deployed in different bank vault-level data centers on three continents in a decentralized way.

Professional Market Analysis

FalaBlock owns an analytic team that consists of senior traders who have been deeply engaged in quantitative finance, venture capital management, fund analysis, economics, and other fields for many years, and comprehensively monitor position management, risk control, inspection strategy, algorithm model and other elements, to achieve stable asset profitability.

Mature Capital Appreciation

FalaBlock team successfully built the world-leading Web3 capital management platform, with the mature investment and mining experience of Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. FalaBlock specializes in venture capital, asset configurations, and high-quality investment targets with 10 billion managed capital. FalaBlock can satisfy the demand for effective asset growth while maintaining high security.

Trusted Partners

FalaBlock has reached deep cooperation with the world's largest digital currency trading platform to establish a reliable connection between the mining machines in the data centers and Binance Mining Pool. Furthermore, FalaBlock will work with more authoritative partners worldwide to provide a more complete Web3-based asset management service system.

Team Introduction


Founder and CEO
Hunter. H is a well-known crypto investor, as well as one of the earliest explorers and preachers in the blockchain industry. He has more than 10 years of experience in investment, financing, and project management in the blockchain industry. Hunter. H is also the earliest investor of Filecoin and provides Harsh Rate support for Filecoin main network.Hunter. H holds a master's degree from the University of Hong Kong.


Before establishing FalaBlock, Richard led several strategic investments at top-notch tech companies and crypto projects and co-founded a crypto startup. Richard was also a senior strategist at a top-tier Investment Fund, with an MBA degree from Princeton University.


Bernice has more than 15 years of extensive international business experience in Asia, Europe, and the United States. She once served as the strategic and executive senior managing director and executive team member of a global-leading exchange. In the crypto field, Bernice also has rich experience in investment and project consulting. She has successfully invested in several well-known DeFi and public chain projects.

Allen Ding

Chief Operating Officer
Allen Ding is responsible for the operation of FalaBlock. Prior to FalaBlock, Allen Ding served as the chief researcher in a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange and was responsible for Mining Pool-related businesses.


Chief Technology Officer
As a technical expert, Kevin worked as a core member of Linux, accumulated 10 years of experience in the international high-tech industry, and then gradually turned to financial technology, focusing on the development and investment of new financial technologies and blockchain, and committed to innovation and new development in the field of blockchain finance.


Chief Compliance Officer
Charles once worked for a famous investment company in Europe and served as the head of public policy and legal counsel. He was responsible for establishing, developing, and expanding the cryptocurrency business and related products. Prior to this, he held compliance-related positions at Visa's Washington, D.C., and Asia Pacific offices for 10 years.


Head of Sales
Razor is responsible for Sales and Market Growth in FalaBlock. Razor is a certified expert of blockchain in the field of supply chain finance, as well as an expert in DeFi lending and risk control system. As a senior marketing expert, Razor will expand precise high net worth customers for FalaBlock with his mature resource channels and network.


Head of Public Relations
Daisy has more than ten years of brand operation experience and six years of experience in the blockchain industry. Daisy has also been an independent investor in the crypto field. She has invested in and incubated several crypto projects and helped them to list in Exchanges. Also, Daisy has worked for three years in a world-renown Exchange with rich experience in brand promoting and resource integration.


Damien O'Ryan
Designated FIL Pool partner of Binance

Since April 2021, we have become the largest partner in Binance cooperative mining pools, providing joint mining services for over $1.6 million $FIL from Binance.


Earn more from your crypto assets based on the massive Hash Rate